Campus chefs

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We all need food. 

But as college students, we'd be broke if we ate out everyday. Most of us probably don't know how to cook either. 

This app is inspired by my food magazine publications club, Wolverine CuiZine. During one of our campus-wide food events, I was surprised by the number of people who voiced an interest in wanting to learn how to cook.

Currently, there are many cooking/recipe mobile apps, but none of them put into consideration the limited materials or skills people may have - especially for students who just began to learn how to take care of themselves, students living in a dorm without a kitchen, or those who just don't have the time.


Create an easy-to-follow recipe app for college students to SHARE RECIPES, CONNECT, and LEARN how to cook based on personalized data such as time and difficulty. 

Here is the summary of my research based on a survey I sent out to the student body:

60% of students on campus don't have a kitchen, or have limited materials that they can use to cook with.  

Students who want to learn how to cook often don’t know where to begin or what to make

80% of respondents stated that the main factor that prevents them from learning how to cook is the time constraint. 


Rather than a 3D design, I was inspired to create a "flat design" mockup, where my layouts and logos are both made of neutral, standard colors without gradients and shadows. This diverts away from the minimal "3D" trend that majority of apps use nowadays.


An app with a flat design will ironically be able to catch the attention of the younger student population more than a the current "layered" design trend can.

Introduction page - describes the purpose of the app when you open it for the first time.

Instead of creating an app that has numerous features, I decided to just focus on the main features that came out from my research - letting students choose what recipes to learn based on materials, meal categories, and time available.

Home Page: viewing recipes based on materials, time of the day, and amount of time allowed to cook. 

Starting Page: Description and personalization of the app. 

List of Recipes

Single Recipe Example

Furthermore, college students typically want to meet new people and make friends. I decided to implement an interactive feature in the app where one can share and befriend others on the app. 

Friend List and people near you to connect with.

Submit your own recipe. 

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