DDB Worldwide Communications, under Omnicom, is one of the world's largest advertisement company along with BBDO and Tribal Worldwide. It has been cited as one of the leading creative agencies in the world, winning multiple awards of international recognition annually.  

my role

Hired as the Graphic Design Intern at DDB Singapore, my role was to assist my team of senior designers and sometimes work directly with the Creative Director to create graphics and research for campaigns. 

  • Completed marketing strategies, client projects, and visual designs through working directly with the Creative Director and multiple senior designers.


  • Independently accomplished a re-make of a coffee shop logo with graphical design reflecting and leveraging the then most-talked-about USA and North Korea President meeting at Singapore Summit.


  • Asked to be part of a campaign team, contributed to campaign strategies and participated in presentation to clients including F1, Esso, and Red Bull. Two of my original campaign strategies were selected and presented to F1.


United States singapore summit 

When President Trump and Korean leader Kim Jung Un were going to meet in Singapore, I was given the task to recreate O' Cofee Club's logo where I had to replace the two anonymous heads with the silhouette of Trump and Kim.

I made multiple rough sketches by hand, then digitalized them on Adobe Illustrator. Here are some examples. 

Below is the final design that was submitted - the silhouettes looked more recognizable with the chin not being covered by the cup too much. 


This E-Magazine was designed and put together by a large team of photographers, copywriters, and layout designers. Here are some of the pages I designed while following their style guide.

F1-Redbull-Esso campaign

The F1 Grand Prix 2018 was scheduled to take place in Singapore in the fall. DDB was in charge of creating a campaign that hypes up the event for all of F1's fans, taking into account its sponsors - ESSO Supreme fuel and Redbull. 

My role

Though I was a graphic designer, I asked to be put into this marketing campaign project for more exposure and experience in various creative fields. My mentor in this group was kind enough to let me do research and brainstorm work that all full time creative employees were also doing.

the process

The team was given a budget of how much we can spend on the campaign and the time we have to execute and set up the campaign. Based on the budget given, we held multiple meetings weekly and dumped all our research and ideas into one document. Later we met to eliminated those that weren't suitable, and improved the more interesting ideas until the Creative Director approved of roughly ten proposals. 

My ideas

Here are the ideas I came up with that made it into the final round idea presentation with the F1 clients:

1) Glow in the dark paint war - have a huge obstacle race course where the F1 driver, using Esso Fuel, gets timed to drive through the entire route in the dark. Meanwhile, fans can use glow-in-the-dark paint guns to shoot at the car. The car will eventually start glowing with multiple colors. As time progresses, the entire stadium will be glowing and bright with light-up paint of different colors. 

2) Race against time treasure hunt - different f1 drivers will have from sunset till sundown to go around certain roads in Singapore to go on a treasure hunt, using clues to solve riddles and race to the next spot as fast as possible. 

All these races will promote not just the F1 event, but also the Supreme Esso fuel. 


Master's in Digital Product Design

Bachelor's in Visual Design

Proud user of Figma, Adobe Creative Suites, and Procreate.