Wolverine CuiZine is a student-run food magazine publication and events club. The club is separated into 3 departments - writing, creative, and business. The business team is in charge of creating school-wide events, while the writing and creative team work together to publish 2 magazines per semester. 

my role

As the Vice President, I ensure that the three teams are meeting the deadlines implanted for their projects, that everybody's work is up to standards, creating schedules and goals for the upcoming semesters. As the Creative Director, I lead a team of designers, illustrators, and photographers to create visually appealing magazines. I hold month meetings that include critiquing, delegating projects, and working together on projects. 

  • Designing food magazines and leading a team of 20 designers. Drastically transformed the dynamics of the team and design process by introducing activities such as critiques, team events, individual feedbacks. Streamlined organization by creating new sub-teams including photography/videography, marketing and logo design.


  • Increased club popularity on social media by 20% by re-designing the layout of the magazine and re-branding the club’s purpose to appeal to the student body.


  • Launched the club’s first marketing team to create the magazine’s brand and campaign strategies. Successfully acquired sponsors from restaurants and food brands in Michigan such as Scotty O’ Hotty, and improved club brand recognition through various events resulting in local publication including an article by Click On Detroit on an interview with club officers. 


Master's in Digital Product Design

Bachelor's in Visual Design

Proud user of Figma, Adobe Creative Suites, and Procreate.