The Los Angeles Times is the fourth largest newspaper in circulation  in the United States and the largest paper company not headquartered in the East Coast. 

my role

I came in mainly as a print layout designer, but during the 10 weeks, I was allowed to delegate half of my time to shadow and talk to the product design team, splitting my time between product design and print design. By working with print, I learned how to integrate typography, readability, and the flow of stories together with consideration of the style guide. Through digital design, I learned how collaboration works to create a project, not just with product designers, but also with data analysts, engineers, and the marketing department. 

  • Ensured optimal design structure in daily newspaper prints for readers through laying out news stories and integrating typography and readability, based on story length, flow and photos/graphics in compliance with style guides.


  • Gained trust and represented Print Design Team to interact extensively with photo, news, nation, metro departments and senior editors. Delegated design pages to Print Design Team members.


  • Shadowed Digital Design Team and learned its daily work responsibilities, as well as how it collaborated with different groups including data analysts, engineers, and marketing executives to meet its mobile app goals.

News layouts


Master's in Digital Product Design

Bachelor's in Visual Design

Proud user of Figma, Adobe Creative Suites, and Procreate.