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Intinerator mobile app

Itinerator is an app created for my digital mobile design class. I was told to create a travel app that has to solve a problem within that industry. As someone who loves traveling and is often the one to create itineraries and plans, I immediately recognized one major problem - the inability to access information in one location. 
I talked to other fellow travel addicts - peers, family members, and strangers (age range: Teenagers to mid 40s). Everyone had a common theme in which they agreed that planning an itinerary can become messy and tough when:
1. there are too many apps that is necessary to use
2. certain apps/websites don't provide information that is needed to the individual's trip
3. It is difficult to brainstorm and plan trips with other people who also want to contribute.

Executive summary

Problem statement

Younger/middle aged travelers find it difficult to plan and organize a trip efficiently because not all information and research can be seen and done in one convenient location.

process and results

1. Surveyed different people about their travel habits and factors they watch out for when traveling which I implemented into my designs
2. Drew multiple thumbnail sketches of how the app may look like. Here are some examples of sketches. 
3. Created the first prototype of low fidelity, then asked people for more feedback by describing the navigation and having them check whether they understood my design concept.


Expected outcomes and benefits

With this travel app, I expect users to be able to easily brainstorm all their travel plans for one or multiple itineraries in one app. The benefits of using this app is that travelers will no longer have to download multiple apps, search on maps, or research via internet about the attractions they are interested in going to. All information will be accessible via Intinerator. The bonus is that Itinerator is even personalized to fit the needs of each itinerary! 

Key actions & Value

Travel documents under one tab - All bookings and tickets can be scanned, uploaded, or manually inputted into Itinerator so travelers will have one place to look at all their documents.
Personalized recommendations - depending on what you choose under the preference of transportation, activities, or factors to be considered for your trip, Itinerator will come up with suggestions that is more catered to suit you.
This app provides a clear solution to all organized planners. It will solve the problem of utilizing multiple apps to research and consolidate their ideas when planning trips. However, the target audience doesn't necessarily just have to be defined as organized travelers and planners. Someone who would like to view itineraries or minimally contribute to a pre-existing itinerary his or her friend created can also use this app. Itinerator is ultimately very useful to anyone. 

Final design

Final design

Home screen

The home screen is slightly inspired by Yelp and Airbnb - I appreciate how they begin with personalized recommendations and having resources for you to search and plan your trip right at the start.


Recommendations etc are chosen by algorithm based on what you last searched or where/how you planned your itinerary.


Itineraries menu show all the itineraries you created. By clicking on one, you can open it up to see more collections within the itineraries that you saved. This is inspired by Pinterest.

You can create a new itinerary by pressing the "+." Here, Itinerator will ask you questions that will determine its recommendations for you.

You can click on one specific attraction to get more information about it. Information given will be relevant to what you picked when personalizing an itinerary. It also contains all the general information about the attraction so you won't need to search multiple times.

By going into a specific collection, the app will show you where each attraction you collected is. It will also provide the best route to get to each location based on your preferences when you first made your itinerary. 

Finally, the Documents tab will consolidate all your tickets and bookings into one place. All bookings and tickets can be scanned, uploaded, or manually inputted into Itinerator so travelers will have one place to look at all their documents.


Master's in Digital Product Design

Bachelor's in Visual Design

Proud user of Figma, Adobe Creative Suites, and Procreate.