Maurice HIlleman

Digital Art with Adobe Illustrator.


For this project, I had to create a triptych poster that depicted the work of Maurice Hilleman, displaying why he is an important character in history. Maurice Hilleman is a 20th century doctor who created more than 40 of the vaccines that probably is the reason why all of us are alive past ten years old. 


Instead of serious poster, I decided to create a unique, comic-like approach to highlight the legacy of Hilleman. I chose to illustrate Hilleman in a battle with different viruses because firstly, he is often labeled as a "fighter" or "hero." Secondly, because his vaccines are mainly for children, an illustration would not just hint the relation he had with the younger generation, but also set a memorable tone for his accomplishments rather than a poster series that directly describes his work. 

Designs, illustrations, and animations © Roseanne Chao