Product Design
Adobe XD, Photoshop

It's more than just kicking.

Before, I joined Michigan Taekwondo as a beginner in my Sophomore year, desperate to find ways to make myself exercise. Now, I train competitively and am on board as the Media Editor. 

Like every other organization in the University, we try to promote ourselves and appear involved and friendly through various digital platforms. We have a website that people can use to see announcements, schedules, and questions about joining the club.

As the Media Editor, I manage the photos and videos and make posters to advertise our events. However, I decided to use my design abilities to help the club on a new website. Our website is the face of our club when people search us up for information, and so it needs to be more unique and accessible than a standard "Wordpress" blog.

Content research

I sent out a survey to my Taekwondo team members. Here are the questions and answer I received:


1. "Schedule" and "Events" are the most viewed content and should be easily accessible. 

2. Belt test requirements and form videos are the main use for returning members.

3. Most people who use the website are new, interested members. Therefore, the website must consist of more information and easy access to the about/information page. 


Here are my basic thumbnail sketches

Fun Fact: did all this on my dorm bed

*See the final design here

-Schedule is now the first thing you see on the front page. 

-Upcoming events come right after upon scrolling. 

-Belt test PDF and forms video tab is now on the nav bar for accessibility.

-simpler "about" with more photos to see most recent club activities.


New members have a link to the "about" page on the front page, and the entire "about" page is geared towards people interested in our club, followed by FAQs and a contact section.

Instructors & Officers

-Instructors and Officer page cleaned up to be neater.

-See officer bios by hovering over their photos, so it won't be cramped with too many words.

Designs, illustrations, and animations © Roseanne Chao