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I am Roseanne.

And I am constantly hungry.

Hungry for Experience.

As an extremely third cultured person who grew up in various countries, I frequently try to seek refreshing, foreign experience to ravish my curiosity towards what the world can offer through the expression of art. ​Therefore, whether I am presented with an advantage or obstacle, my answer is always, "heck yes, let me try!" We live within a world of black and white lines... now let's not be afraid to step over it to bring it colors.


I was born in Singapore, moved around a lot as a child (Japan, Hong Kong, USA, China... etc), and went to the University of Michigan for piano performance and design dual degree. Got my masters degree at Parsons School of Design for UX Design and moved to San Francisco to work as a full time digital product designer at salesforce. Despite all these schooling, I was always the inattentive kid in class who kept drew ALL the time (sorry if my teachers are reading this). Which I would like to think is how it led me to where I am today.

Good Morning Sunshine.png

Me & Art

I create art that conveys, in the words of many people, “surreal and psychedelic stories.” My work, drawn on the iPad, are abstract, introspective representations of my own thoughts and emotions. Aside from that, I also turn to music and life experience to aid my creations. However, my goal is to have viewers feel perplexed with what they are looking at, and interpret the meaning behind my work by themselves.

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